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Writing Toward Peace

Writing Toward Peace


Elana has worked wonders. Her workshops empower participants to express themselves and to articulate their own experiences in a powerful and accessible way.
— Daniel Moses, Director of Educator Programs: Seeds of Peace

Writing Toward Peace begins with the unshakeable belief that claiming and sharing our unique stories is a crucial part of healing our fractured world. Writing Toward Peace leverages powerful creative writing programs to facilitate peacebuilding and conflict resolution for people from regions in conflict, and to support the academic, non-profit and governmental organizations that serve them. With more than a decade of experience in writing, education, and community building, Writing Toward Peace's acclaimed face-to-face workshops, custom curriculum development, and training support peace building on a national and international level

Workshop Description:

When we feel valued and seen, we are much more likely to be able to appreciate or consider the “other” and their  point of view. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to examine and give voice to your identity and experiences in exciting new ways, through the powerful tool of creative writing. You will also be given the chance to experience the “other” in a powerful and unique way, through the tool of personal narrative and poetry. You will walk away with  resources to bring back to your own communities and/or classrooms. The workshop will culminate in a reading where you will have the opportunity to share your work with the larger community. This workshop is ideal as a one to three day workshop for educators, university students, and NGOs, especially with a focus in peace building and dialogue.

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