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Schools & Organizations

Bringing Elana To You: Workshops, Keynotes & Performances


Elana is an extremely enthusiastic writer and educator, bringing her passion for writing to the students in a way that is accessible and contagious.
— Anna Hall, Principal, Bronx Academy of Letters

For over ten years, Elana has facilitated writing and performance workshops nationally and internationally for participants of all ages. She has offered workshops on college campuses, for educators, women in prison and throughout a spectrum of other communities. For the past ten years, Elana has served as the writer in residence for the Bronx Academy of Letters, where she founded and developed curriculum for the Intensive Writing Workshop, a bi-weekly class in poetry and fiction for public high school students in the South Bronx. In addition to working as a poet in the schools and developing curriculum for the Community Word Project and the DreamYard Project, Elana also headed the intergenerational oral history program at Millennium Art Academy for six years, creating multi-disciplinary performances in collaboration with senior citizens and high school students. She also teaches internationally with Seeds of Peace, the Tent of Nations and Encounter, offering workshops to educators and community members from regions in conflict.

Elana is available to lead workshops and offer keynote presentations in a variety of settings, both nationally and internationally, including: college campuses, non-profit organizations, peace building organizations, religious communities, high schools, prisons, and more.

Recent venues include:

  • Modern Montessori School (Amman, Jordan)

  • Monroe Community College (Rochester, NY)

  • Drisha Institute (NY, NY)

  • Seeds of Peace (Maine)

These are only a small selection of the workshops available. Elana can work with you to create the perfect workshop curriculum or keynote for your community. Workshops can also be combined with a reading or keynote. 

If you are interested in having Elana come teach
a workshop or finding out more, please contact her.

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