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Sacred Sound

 Sacred Sound Journey

You are invited to experience a live sacred sound journey.

What is a sound journey, you ask?  A sacred sound journey is a guided exploration deep into the self. Using tuning forks, the Monolina, other instruments, and voice, I guide you into a deep state of relaxation where you can tune in to your own healing frequency and connect to your essential core. You will be invited to use breath and sound to deepen the experience, and there will be time for journaling as well.

I offer this work in group settings, as well as one on one. In the one on one work, we spend time doing an intake on what is going on in your own physical/psychic body, and creating a container of sound to support you. In addition to the Monlina and voice, I use weighted tuning forks to bring the vibration directly to specific points on your body. This work can support regulating the nervous system, emotional release, accessing your creative energy and more. If this is something you are curious about/interested in learning more about, please contact me and we can set up a time to connect and find out how sound work might support you in your health, well-being, and creative endeavors.


I suffer a lot from a back pain and was shifting around a lot during the beginning of the journey….at some point the pain just went away. I was able to lie down on my back, and I was able finally to find that inner peace.

—Julissa DiLone, participant

I am a healer, a visionary, an artist....I've been on sound journeys before, but nothing quite like Elana's. Her journey touched me on a visceral level, the experience was felt in my soul and went straight to my core. 

—Rebecca Volinsky, participant

I had the pleasure and privilege of having a Sacred Sound session with Elana. Her ability to simultaneously tap into my body and energy needs, while still guiding me on a journey that was refreshing, innovative, healing made for a powerful and transformative day. I have experienced myriad healing modalities throughout my life and Elana’s skills in utilizing sound allowed me to find and address parts of my body and spirit and self I would otherwise not have been able to witness were it not for her gifts.

— Caroline Rothstein, client

Elana, my experience with you was a total reset. Working with you helped me to recalibrate and shift my vibration to the frequency of love and wholeness. During our session, I found calm and reconnection to my own heartbeat. Your voice, your tuning forks, your instruments, your exquisite attention to my unique soul touched me. I went into our session from the rush and race of The Big Apple and came out feeling like a delicious slice of warm apple pie a la mode!

Thank you Elana, and your lovely Monolina, for all you do and see and are.

—Ceci Baker, Client