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Inspire Your Inner Writer One On One Coaching

Inspire Your Inner Writer
One-on-One Coaching

Do you have the desire to write but don't know where to start?
Are you looking for a new way to get reconnected to your writing? 


Whether or not you consider yourself “a writer,” you have a story to tell. And it is valuable because it is yours. I am currently offering a one on one private program to support you in accessing your creative brilliance and connecting to the stories and poems inside you just waiting to be released! Our work together will provide an easy to follow pathway to your inner writer, and ensure that you feel supported in your process whether you are brand new to the page, or just looking for a jump start to get you back to your creative self. Sessions take place in person or over Skype from the comfort of your own home.

Inspire Your Inner Writer Introductory Program Includes:

  •  An intake conversation to determine how I can best support your writing dreams

  •  Four 90 minute sessions in person or over Skype

  • Sacred space to honor and inspire your Inner Writer

  • A custom curriculum designed specially, for you including generative
    writing exercises, hand selected readings and prompts to work on at home

  • Feedback on your writing

  • A next steps call to celebrate your accomplishments and make sure you
    have the support to continue on your own.

You are really a very talented teacher. You made the “fearfulness” of starting a new and exposing artistic medium very comforting. Since our sessions, a big change is that I am now writing for enjoyment!
— Jen Pehr, private student