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Sacred Creative Circle

 Sacred Creative Circle

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There is a Sacred Creative in You

She does not care about how much money you make. She does not care how big your audience is. She cares about translating energy, emotion, and experience into form. She cares about playing. She cares about the dance. She cares about her connection to divine source. Let's feed her. Let's grow her. She can never be taken away.

Are you longing to access your authentic voice and activate your innate creativity?

Join award winning poet and sound practitioner Elana Bell, for the Sacred Creative Circle, an intimate online and in-person community, dedicated to activating your voice, providing a sacred container to alchemize emotion and experience into expression, and offering support and accountability for your creative visions.

Do you find yourself struggling to make your creative expression a priority? Make a commitment to nurturing your creative spark through one on one support and community engagement.  In addition to your one on one sessions, our circle will meet 2x/month, and our time together will include guided sound meditation to support you in accessing creativity and releasing the grip of your inner critic, as well as writing prompts which will move you past writer’s block and into inspired creativity. There will be time to write actively on the call, as well as time to share work and receive support, and set goals. 

Do you crave community with other passionate, engaged women? Our Sacred Creative Circle will introduce you to a dynamic group of diverse and passionate women who will be working alongside you, sharing work, and celebrating each other’s successes.

Our Circle Begins April 2019

Interested? Send an email to info@elanabell.com to schedule a call to find out if the Sacred Creative Circle is right for you.

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  • One live Sacred Creative Community Retreat, which will include a live sound meditation, movement, inspiring writing exercises, dedicated time for creative play, and ritual in community with other engaged women.

  • Three to six private 75-minute one-on-one sessions over Skype or Zoom which will include: sacred space to honor and inspire your inner writer, guided sound meditation to release blocks and access creativity, a custom curriculum designed specially for you including generative writing exercises, hand selected readings and prompts to work on at home, and feedback on your writing.

  • Five 90-minute group calls, which will activate your authentic creative voice, connect you with powerful community, and support you in moving toward your creative visions.

  • Optional VIP in person retreat add on

“Elana is lovely in every sense of the word— her spirit, her manner, her guidance. She is adept at creating a safe space for creative risk taking and vulnerability. Elana’s workshops perfectly balance personal reflection and sharing with other women. I leave each session having grown. I leave each session with a sense of possibility. I leave each session more alive, connected and inspired. I leave each session wanting more...” –Eloiza Jorge, private client and workshop participant

Interested? Send an email to info@elanabell.com to schedule a call to find out if the Sacred Creative Circle is right for you.