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Inspire Your Inner Writer Workshops

Inspire Your Inner Writer 
Creative Writing Playshop

Your words matter. Whether or not you consider yourself a “writer,”
you have a story to tell. And it is valuable because it is yours.


These live, in person PLAYshops will support you in accessing your creative brilliance and connecting to the stories and poems inside you just waiting to be released! The inspiring exercises and safe community space will provide an easy to follow pathway for you to connect  to your inner writer, guide you to unlock your creative brilliance, and offer the exhilaration that comes with using creative writing as a tool to explore your questions, ideas, joys, and struggles. These workshops will support you whether you are brand new to the page, or a seasoned writer looking for a jumpstart to get you back to your creative self.

What’s included:

  • sensory meditation 

  • sacred space for connection - but within yourself and with other spirited individuals

  • guided writing exploration

  • inspiring texts and writing prompts

  • creation of original poetry/prose

  • resources and writing exercises
    you can take home

Elana is an expert at creating a sacred space and launching your inner writer. She is bursting with ideas that act as sparks for the writing that is crying to pour out of you, whether you know it or not. Whether you want to work on a specific project, be inspired, vanquish writer’s block, make time and space to honor your writing practice, get back into a writing practice that you think you’ve lost, have fun with your creative self or get serious about your writing, Elana is the conduit that will ignite the creative fire within you. I can’t say enough good things about participating in her workshop, and I plan to work with her again and again.
— Sivan Butler Rotholz, participant